What to Know About Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a unique engagement ring? Rose gold is becoming more popular for specialized jewelry and engagement rings. Made with a mix of gold and copper alloys, rose gold rings can range in brightness from a rich copper red color to a softer blush pink.

Ultimately, the more copper included in the mix, the more red the metal will appear. Many women are looking for a traditional yellow or white gold appearance with a hint of soft pink to give it a timeless, romantic aesthetic. The vividness of the rose gold color is all based on her personal preference– some women want a bold ring while others want something more subdued.

As you search for a rose gold ring and compact engagement ring box to go along with it, take a look at some of our helpful pros and cons.

PRO: Rose gold rings are durable.

Depending on the type of gold alloys used to create the ring, rose gold rings are known to be extremely durable–especially 18k and 14k varieties. Rose gold is also relatively resistant to scratching, which is ideal for women who are on the go and frequently work with their hands.

PRO: They can be surprisingly affordable.

For their vintage look, rose gold rings are similar in price to other options out there. For example, they’re priced similarly to yellow gold engagement rings. And when comparing them to white gold rings, rose gold can actually be cheaper! If you’re looking for an affordable option, this might be the ring for you.

CON: They are not hypoallergenic.

For people who are allergic to copper, rose gold rings aren’t always the best option due to copper alloys being mixed into the metal. However, if you have a nickel allergy, rose gold is a great alternative to white and yellow gold. If she has an allergy, talk with your jeweler to determine which type of gold is best.

PRO: Rose gold looks great on all skin tones.

Some women are drawn to gold jewelry or silver jewelry, but rose gold is a happy medium! Maybe that’s why it tends to look great on all skin tones. Its warm appearance pulls out the blush undertones in almost every skin tone, and it isn’t as harsh of a contrast as gold or silver. It also pairs nicely with both gold and silver jewelry.

CON: There may not be a huge selection.

Rose gold rings aren’t as widely available as yellow or white gold, but this is changing as rose gold engagement rings become more and more popular. Check out specialized, local jewelers or jewelers that focus on vintage rings.

If she’s drawn to timeless elegance, and you want to give her a distinctive ring with a vintage quality, rose gold is a beautiful option. When people see rose gold, they remember it.

And to keep your ring protected before and during your proposal, we have specially designed skinny engagement ring boxes. Order yours today!


Sneaky Ways to Find Out Her Engagement Ring Size (Without Her Knowing)

If you’ve decided to propose, you may be wondering how to find her engagement ring size without her knowing. Especially if you want to plan a surprise marriage proposal, determining her ring size can be just as important as picking the cut of the diamond or finding a slim engagement ring box to keep it hidden.

To propose when she least expects it with a ring that fits her perfectly, try some of these tried-and-true tricks!

1. Trace the inside of one of her rings on a piece of paper, and take it to the jeweler. Many jewelers will be able to measure the circle or determine her ring size just by looking at it.

2. Borrow one of her other rings. If your girlfriend wears a lot of jewelry, you may be able to find a ring to borrow for a day or two without her noticing. Just make sure it’s one that she actually wears on her ring finger so it’s the proper size. Take it straight to the jeweler, and see if they can measure it to find her size.

3. Make an impression in a bar of soap. This may sound strange, but it’s a sneaky way to get her measurement without having to borrow a ring for a day. Choose a ring she wears on her ring finger, and then take the impression to the jeweler to examine.

4. Measure her finger while she sleeps. Is she a deep sleeper who’s been known to sleep through even the loudest of noises? If that’s the case, you may be able to get away with wrapping a piece of string lightly around her ring finger while she’s sleeping! If you can make it happen, this is a precise way for the jeweler to easily find her size.

5. Make a craft together. If you have a young child in your family, or are babysitting for a friend, suggest the idea of making a fun craft where you trace your hands. A few days later, sneakily take the craft to the jewelry store to see if they can measure her finger and give you a size.

6. Ask her friends. Even if her friend doesn’t know her ring size off the top of her head, she may be able to find a stealthy way to bring it up. When they’re together, they could take turns trying on each other’s rings. If your friend notices her ring is too tight or loose on your girlfriend’s finger, you may be able to get an idea of her size.

7. Take her shopping. If she loves to shop and frequently buys fashion jewelry, go along with her! Pay attention to any rings she buys — the size is often printed on the paper backing or price tag.

Depending on your relationship, you may also be able to find a natural way to come out and ask for her ring size. But if you want to keep the surprise, don’t stress about it! She can always get the ring resized if it doesn’t fit perfectly. No matter what, your proposal should be about your love and the future you want to create together.

Get started by finding her ring size and considering a skinny engagement ring box from Ring Stash to keep the diamond protected!


Recent Ring Stash client photos!

Check out these new photos of recent Ring Stash clients that have just had the opportunity to propose!
First check out our client Kevin’s proposal to Farrah in a beautiful orchard. Just a lovely couple and of course Farrah said yes to his proposal! Congrats you two!

Also check out this amazing proposal with Ring Stash in Italy!

Lastly, check out Dusty’s beautiful engagement ring to his new fiance. He made a short video because he loved the product so much.

Congrats to all the above clients. If you want to join the club, it’s so easy to! You can own your very own flat engagement ring box as well. Make sure to get your Ring Stash today!


5 Romantic Ways to Propose at Home

Are you about to plan one of the most important days of your life: your marriage proposal? Selecting the perfect engagement ring and slim engagement ring box is one of the first steps in the process, but finding the ideal place to propose is also important.

If you want a meaningful, intimate setting where the two of you can truly be alone, there’s no better place than your home! Get creative with some of our at-home proposal tips.

1. Coordinate With Holiday Traditions

Proposing at home can be the perfect complement to exciting holiday traditions that the two of you typically do together. For example, if you’re decorating the Christmas tree together, hide the ring in an ornament box. If you’re planning a cookout for a celebratory holiday like the Fourth of July, propose in your backyard around the fire with fireworks shining in the background.

There’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your classic holiday traditions while marking the start of new traditions with your engagement!

2. Plan an At-Home Date Night

Tell her you want to stay in and have a romantic date night at home. Then, get to work! Create a three-course meal of her favorite foods, light candles in her favorite scents throughout your house, and choose songs that are special to your relationship to play in the background. When the time is right, pop the question to create a marriage proposal she’ll never forget!

3. Surprise Her With Breakfast in Bed

Nobody can resist a surprise breakfast in bed. Find romantic breakfast recipes, such as strawberry pancakes or mixed berry crepes, that are colorful and sweet. As you deliver her breakfast, tuck a handwritten love letter into her hand and get down on one knee. Or wrap your slim engagement ring box with a bow and place it in the corner of the tray. No matter what you decide, she’s sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and the intimate setting.

4. Organize a Game Night

Is your girlfriend a writer or a word nerd? If you’re playing a game like Scrabble or Bananagrams, spell out “will you marry me?” with the game tiles! For the fun-loving couple who likes to surprise each other with quirky things, she’ll be caught off guard in all the best ways when she reads your message and sees you getting down on one knee!

5. Add a Creative Twist to a Home Improvement Project

If you recently bought a home or apartment together, you’re probably working together on home improvement projects such as painting, adding furniture, or gardening. As you work to paint the rooms in your home, consider saving a wall in one of the rooms for last and paint “will you marry me?” in bold, colorful strokes.

If you’re landscaping and gardening outside, consider spelling out the question with rocks and stones–and a hand-picked rose!

When you’re proposing at home, it’s especially important to keep your ring hidden and out of sight. A thin ring box from Ring Stash will top off your proposal so she never expects the ring until the moment you get down on one knee! Contact us today. 


Best Engagement Rings for 16 Personality Types

With so many diamond and engagement ring styles out there, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect ring. While everyone’s preferences are different, some of our primary character traits can help determine our taste in engagement rings.

One of the most popular personality tests used today is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It helps break down our preferences for 8 personality traits, including introversion (I), extraversion (E), intuition (N), sensing (S), thinking (T), feeling (F), judging (J) or perceiving (P). By combining all of these traits, there are 16 unique personality types. Check out our list below to find the perfect engagement ring that matches her personality–and don’t forget a slim engagement ring box to keep it safe!

1. The Life of the Party: Colored Diamond

An ESFP personality is often the life of the party and has a knack for sensing, feeling, and perceiving–which is why she’s so great at entertaining others! A vintage colored diamond, whether it’s a ruby or sapphire, makes a romantic statement just like she does.

2. Miss Modesty: Pear-Shaped Diamond

If you find that she frequently advocates for others, but has a modest, quiet demeanor, she may have the INFJ personality. She’s adaptable and idealistic about the future, but she may not like the attention on her. Try a pear-shaped diamond for a subtle engagement ring that’s full of sparkle and maturity.

3. Traditional and Organized: Classic Solitaire

Otherwise known as ESTJ, she’s a passionate leader who has strong values and a love for managing organizations and people. For her, the solitaire diamond is a classy and timeless choice–perfect for the girl who wants her ring to match every outfit and occasion!

4. The Free Spirit: Halo Design

The ENFP personality represents the extroverted free spirits of the world! She marches to the beat of her own drum and refuses to conform. Consider the halo design, which includes smaller diamonds circling around the center stone. It will glimmer at every angle and make a noticeable statement!

5. Loves a Challenge: Emerald Cut

Does she love to debate and can’t resist new challenges? The ENTP personality is smart, cunning, and curious. The sophisticated, daring look of an emerald cut engagement ring is a perfect match for this bold personality.

6. The Artist: Tension Ring/Twist

As an ISTP, she may be introverted and artistic. If she likes to experiment and try new things, a tension ring gives the appearance that the center diamond is suspended in midair. This unique design is eye-catching for those with artistic souls.  

7. The Romantic: Heart-Shaped Diamond

If she has a strong heart and regularly goes into protection mode when it comes to defending her loved ones, she may be an ISFJ personality. Consider adding more love into her life with a romantic heart-shaped diamond!

8. The Social Butterfly: Rose Gold Ring

Social butterflies typically fall into the ESFJ personality type. They are extroverted, popular, and always eager to help. The rose gold ring adds some flair to traditional gold or silver rings, and it’s the ideal match for those who feel deeply about the world and people around them.

9. Bold and Strong-Willed: Side-Stoned Ring

ENTJ personalities have a commanding presence. They are tenacious, strong-willed leaders who always find a way to accomplish things. A side-stoned ring includes lines of smaller diamonds beside the center stone, which is perfect for the girl who knows what she wants.

10. Loves to Help Others: Pearl Ring

As an INFP who may frequently find herself mediating others and getting involved in important causes, a pearl engagement ring is a great way to move away from tradition and give her something truly meaningful. With her poetic nature and compassion for others, the pearl is a delicate symbol of your love.

11. The Scientist: Gold Ring

If you’re proposing to an INTP personality, she most likely has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and enjoys the scientific process of discovery. A timeless gold-banded ring is filled with honor and romance!

12. Loves to Try New Things: Opal Ring

Is she adventurous and charming? An ISFP personality is introverted with an artistic view of the world, but is always flexible and up for trying new things. Opal is a precious stone that’s becoming more and more popular. Step outside the box and give her a stone she’s never seen before!

13. Charismatic Leader: Marquise Cut

If she’s an ENFJ, she probably has classic values but still likes to attract attention and influence others. The marquise cut is a luxurious oval diamond with tapered and pointed ends. It’s an elegant choice for the girl who inspires others!  

14. The Planner: Multi-Row Ring

As an INTJ, she loves to have a plan for everything and nothing will stand in her way of making strategic decisions. Many engagement rings have three-stone diamonds, and if she likes things symmetrical and organized, this ring can give her even more order.

15. Fun-Loving and Spontaneous: Princess Cut

If she’s extroverted, spontaneous, and confident, you may be proposing to an ESTP personality. With a princess cut engagement ring, the center stone exudes the liveliness of a round diamond combined with the modern square shape of an emerald diamond. This is the best of both worlds for the girl who’s up for anything!

16. Logical and Honest: Cross of Diamonds

Does she have a strong will and believes in the power of honesty? As an ISTJ, she’s logical and traditional. A vintage engagement ring with thick diamonds may appeal to her strong sense of integrity.

Have you decided on the perfect engagement ring for her personality? The next step is getting a flat engagement ring box to keep your ring safe and out of sight! Contact Ring Stash today.


Styled Photo Shoot Using Ring Stash Flat Ring Box!

We’re so happy to be sharing the photos below from a styled photo shoot by Lifetime Engagements, LLC! They did a wonderful photoshoot in the desert that included a gorgeous engagement ring by Jeff White Custom Jewelry. Check out these awesome photos of our thin ring box! Of course, if you want to own one of your very own flat ring boxes, you can get one at our shop.


Amazing Proposal in San Francisco with Ring Stash

Check out this amazing proposal from a Ring Stash client name Neng! He decided that he wanted to take his girlfriend to an amazing terrace that overlooks San Fransico and the Golden Gate Bridge (this proposal was provide by our partners at The Heart Bandits). As he walked her out, she saw candles in a heart shape and a nice table with their photos. With the amazing view in the background Neng proposed as he pulled out his thin ring box. His girlfriend could not say no to such an amazing proposal. Check out the video below!

Of course if you would like your own amazing marriage proposal, you absolutely need to get a Ring Stash first! You do NOT want to be walking around with a huge shoe-box sized ring box in your pocket where your partner will discover it and ruin your surprise. Be sure to get yours today!


Best Wedding Band Tricks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

We have a treat for you all today! We have a special guest post from our friends at Aida Design US.  They will let you know how to make your Engagement Ring look bigger!  Enjoy!

When we speak of diamonds, it simply means diamonds and nothing else. Small or big, the size of a diamond doesn’t mean everything. A smaller diamond with the perfect cut and sparkle is more impressive than a bigger stone that has no shape and shine.

But there is never a girl, who wouldn’t steam up on the window of a jeweler’s shop at the look of a big flashy stone. And especially, when it’s about the big day and big decision, then all things that are bridal need the special attention. So, it’s OK to accept that sometimes maybe, the size does make you feel like Kim Kardashian.

Although, when you start looking for the best wedding ring at Aida Design US to go along with your diamond engagement ring, you will find plenty of options. But if you need to keep it affordable while the size is the concern, then consider these factors that can enhance the look of your engagement diamond:

  1. Consider the Shape of Diamond – Anything but Round
  2. Round diamonds are very common and are equally expensive since they are very difficult to cut from the rough large stone and cause a lot of wastage. You can look at other less popular shapes and at the same time increase the size of the diamond. Try an oval shape for a change and remember, the quality and the sharpness of the diamond can flip the coin.

  3. Consider Colored Stones
  4. Classic diamonds will always be the wedding stone and the best choice for wedding rings, but colored stones are becoming popular as well. They might not be diamonds but some are equal in price, and they definitely make the diamond pop. These stones can change the picture and make the center stone look bigger.

  5. Avoid Multiple Bands
  6. If the diamond you have is smaller, you don’t want to consider multiple bands since they simply take away the diamond from your eyes. Keeping only the engagement ring in the right hand with nothing else can also add a way to the diamond.

  7. Choose a Slimmer Band
  8. Remember that band has a lot to do with the look of your diamond, the slimmer the band, the bigger the stone will look. Choose slim bands, especially the ones that taper on reaching the stone – pinched shank can do a marvelous job.

  9. Use Slimmer Prongs
  10. If you’re aiming for a solitaire diamond ring that look for a setting that has slimmer prongs. This covers less of the stone and allows a better and clearer view of the diamond, making it look larger. Pick four prongs instead of six, this will give more focus to the stone and will allow more light to enter the stone. Thus letting it sparkle brilliantly.

  11. Look For a Matching Set
  12. The matching bridal sets at Aida Design US can never fall out of style. In actual these matching wedding sets are to show off the engagement ring, making the first choice a very wise selection. The curved wedding bands are generally designed to keep the engagement ring in focus and on top.

  13. Last – Keep it Clean

Keeping your diamond ring clean will allow it to sparkle and stand out more brilliantly. The more white and shiny it is, the more it will stand out and appear bigger. And once a while get your stone professionally clean. The most important factor in all above mentioned points is to keenly observe the shape of your diamond; an oval appears bigger and is in demand.


Gorgeous New York Proposals Using Ring Stash!

We have another treat for you today! We are featuring two gorgeous proposals that occurred in New York in Central Park at Ladies Pavilion. Both of these clients had the pavilion setup with nice scenery and of course, they both had slim ring boxes from Ring Stash to cap it all off perfectly. Check them out below!

Jacob’s Proposal

Jacob took his girlfriend to Ladies Pavilion only to surprise her with a romantic setup that included picture frames, blankets, rose petals, and a violinist serenading them to their song. It was a beautiful moment on a gorgeous day in New York. Congrats to Jacob and his new fiancé!

Rhys’ Proposal

Rose petal galore! Rhys creating an utterly beautiful setup in Ladies Pavilion. It was filled with rose petals, candles, marquee lights that spelled out “LOVE”, and a special surprise for his girlfriend. When the couple arrive, Jaimee was shocked to see the setup. The surprised got even more special when she opened up the gift-wrapped box. Inside was a framed photo of her son asking if she would marry his daddy. It was a very special moment for them and of course she said yes!

One thing that I’ve learned in my years of being a proposal planner with The Heart Bandits and then inventing Ring Stash, is that surprise is EVERYTHING! You cannot even let there be a small chance that your partner discover that you are carrying an engagement ring on your proposal day. This is way it is absolutely necessary to have a Ring Stash. Get yours today so that the surprise isn’t ruined on your big day!


Amazing Proposal Stories Using Ring Stash!

Today we’d love to share with you some amazing marriage proposal stories of recent Ring Stash clients. These clients had the knowledge of knowing that to have a perfect proposal, you absolutely need to have a flat ring box from Ring Stash. Read below to see their awesome proposal stories.

Junior’s Magical Christmas Surprise

Junior purchased a Ring Stash at the perfect time to surprise his girlfriend, during Christmas time! Junior surprised her by putting Ring Stash on the actual tree and he propose to her. She said YES and she even loved the ring box as much as the ring! Congrats Junior!

Micah’s Amazing Chile Proposal with Breathtaking Views!

Micah got a Ring Stash and actually carried it from Portland Oregon to Patagonia Chile while traveling with his now fiance and she never suspected a thing! It was in his carry on, then in his pack for 5 days as they hiked and slept in a tent together. She never noticed it even though it was in sight many times. She said that she “thought that was something for {his} camera.”. On the day of the proposal, they woke up at 2:00 am on their last morning to hike up to the “Base of the Torres” for sunrise. As they were leaving Micah set up his camera to take a series of shots of the two of them. He distracted her by pointing to the sky and when she turned back around he took the picture above. Amazing view and amazing proposal!
Congrats to Micah!

Michael’s Lovely Musical Serenade in Seattle

The typical rainy weather in Seattle couldn’t stop this proposal from happening. Check out the video above where Michael used a Musical Serenade (from the Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits) to pop the question. Luckily he had a Ring Stash with him to pull it off perfectly!

David’s Beach Proposal with Candles

Sometimes all you need is a simple proposal to have the most effect. David took his girlfriend to the beach in Santa Monica in what would be a typical date for them. Little did she know that this date was also going to be the next big step in their relationship. He had the beach setup with candles and a musician to serenade them. She said yes of course!

If you would like to have your own amazing proposal story, then you need to have a small engagement ring box for yourself from Ring Stash! This box is very low profile and can fit in your pocket easily so that your partner doesn’t suspect a thing until the big moment. You can even keep it as a great way to carry around your ring after the proposal. Get yours today!